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Why You Should Consider Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

Although your company may have chosen to go with hard surface flooring to avoid special maintenance, it is still important to properly care for your hard surface flooring. Tile, vinyl, concrete, and even hardwood floors are less likely to retain dirt, debris, pollen, and other allergens that are trafficked into your office than carpet does – but that doesn’t mean they don’t ever need a deep cleaning. Over time, select hard flooring can lose its shine or finish, can become scratched, or the grout between your tiles can be noticeable (and not in a good way).

Routine sweeping and mopping can help keep up with some of the daily impact of traffic and what is trafficked in, but to maximize the look and lifespan of your flooring you’ll need the aid of a professional commercial floor cleaning company. Our cleaning crews can handle not only the daily upkeep of your floors, but we can also perform routine or one-time deep cleaning and care for your hard-floored surfaces. We have an advantage over your in-house cleaning crew when it comes to deep floor cleanings – we have the knowledge, experience, and the tools to properly and quickly get the job done. Our commercial cleaning company can handle any sized office space, medical facility, warehouse, retailer, restaurant, or financial institution to perform the following deep floor cleaning tasks:

  • Stripping, sealing, and refinishing tile floors

  • Scrubbing and buffing ceramic tiles

  • Scrubbing and recoating tile floors

  • Deep grout cleanings

  • Concrete floor cleaning and sealing

  • Concrete floor repainting

In addition to helping extend the life of your flooring, these services can reset your business’s image. Your old, aging tile will look new and inviting once more. A clean environment can have beneficial side effects on the psychology of your customers. If you’re willing to put that much effort into maintaining your floors, then your customers will only imagine the effort you will put into serving their needs.

As an added bonus, well maintained floors are less likely to cause a slip and fall injury. You can further prevent this issue by employing our business day porter services to make sure your floors, and the rest of your business, is spot free.